Keeping your facility in peak operating condition will create the right impression, reduce operating costs, improve employee efficiency, and increase your property value.

Why is regularly scheduled routine / preventative maintenance important?

It is important to regulary schedule routine maintenance in order to minimize the possibility of building components or systems breaking down unexpectedly, often leaving you with a costly emergency repair. Let us custom design a scheduled maintenance program suited to fit your facility's needs while leaving you to focus on your core business.

Janitorial / Cleaning

Place yourself ahead of the competition with a clean facility. We provide an extensive range of janitorial services including:

  • Disinfecting
  • Pulling trash
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning restrooms
  • Vacuuming
  • Floor Washing
  • Wall Washing & more

Snow Removal & Salting

We know the safety of your employees and customers is paramount to you. With long, harsh winters that are ever so common, it's imperative to remove snow and ice on a regular basis. Our staff work hard to keep the walkways and roads cleared on your property.

Pest Control

All pests deter customers and can force any business to a grinding halt. With the proper assessment and action, the liklihood of a subsequent pest infestion is unlikey and will save your business thousands. No pest stands a chance against our pest control specialists at Allied Building Maintenance.

Power Washing

Brighten up your building and give it a new look! Not only does power washing give the surface a new look and color, but it also prevents plants from growing in walkways, santizes surfaces, and easily removes stains from walkways and parking lots. We will gladly clean your building's:

  • Exterior walls and facades
  • Overhanging awnings and covers
  • Roofs made of all types of materials
  • Gutter lines and their exits
  • Walkways and passages


One of the first things your customers will view and judge is the landscaping of your property. With great landscaping, customers will truly notice and have an immediate sense of faith and professionalism in your business. Our expert team of landscape architects and strong workers will turn a mundane front lawn into a modern, expertly groomed and maintained masterpiece.

Window Washing

Next to landscaping, the first thing your clients see is your windows and storefront. Our window specialists and workers have a certain method and procedure to properly clean all your windows and increase the property value and curb-appeal of your business. With our low and industry competitive rates, you are sure to save money while getting the best possible services.


Roofing is critical to ensuring your building is habitable, up to code, and structurally sound. If there are sporadically leaks coming from your cieling, then odds are your roof is in poor condition. Allied Building Maintenance has a skilled team to help our clients achieve building certification and reduce heating and cooling cost through our effective insulation techniques. We guarantee our repairs and roofing installations are done orderly and on time.


We understand that when you're running a multi-facility company, it is imperative that your buildings' temperatures all be properly monitored and regulated. Not only does this help with employee's work performance, but operating costs will also begin to fall drastically, saving you thousands. Contracting Allied Building Maintenance will ensure to:

  • Control daily and monthly operating costs at all of your locations
  • Maximize the lifespan of your HVAC equipment and systems to reduce spending costs
  • Increase the efficiency and reliablity of all your equipment
  • Easily control the temperatures of your facility to better adjust to working conditions

Electrical / Lighting

The lighting fixtures and arrangements are vital to nearly every business' sucess. Not only do lights provide customers and employees the ability to see and perform their tasks properly, but they also provide necessary safety precautions for everyone. Allied Building Maintenance:

  • Provides constant assistance whenever you run into a problem
  • Ensures your building will always have the proper amount of power supplied to it at all times
  • Will work to find areas to reduce your monthly operating costs
  • Handles all types of lighting including indoor and outdoor lighting for parking lots, walkways, and halls


Looking for an easy way to brighten or personalize your space? The color of your business' interior and exterior sets the tone and mood for your customers. From touch-ups to a full new color, our professional team of painters will give your business a refreshing new look. We'll keep the surrounding area clean and taped off while we work to avoid damage to your property.

Looking for something you don't see? Don't hesitate to ask! Through our network of fully vetted Trade Partners, we're able to provide just about any task your facility may need. Call us at (847) 496-5308 or send us a message for more information.